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Shiksha Ki Ore - The journey

People of Natbasti

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Our Journey

  • 2011


    Started going to Natbasti, where kids went to work, unlike others who went to school.

  • Learning is Fun

    Using interactive videos and activities proved to be an eye candy.This motivated the kids to come and learn even after their exhaustive work.

  • April 2012

    First day at school

    17 Kids took their FIRST STEP TOWARDS School education. They were admitted to Dhindwa Govt. Primary School. The smiles say it all!!!

  • November 2012

    Painting the class

    One of the residents of Natbasti agreed to lend a room to teach the kids. So kids along with us painted the room.

  • Our Temple of Learning

    Mission Accomplished!

  • April 2013


    The Govt. School had its own limitations with improper infrastructural facilities and teacher-student ratio, making school life discouraging for the kids. We started exploring all other possibilities to ensure that the spark of education in them doesn’t vanish. Under Right to Education Act (2009)’, 20 kids were admitted to good private schools in Pilani through the 25% quota for socially and economically backward children.

  • Each One, Teach One

    The ones who were taught are now the ones who teach. Some of the elder kids now teach their siblings on their own.

  • The journey continues...

    The journey continues...

Our Team

Sai Charan Agraharam
Ph: +91 7728095592
Email: saicharan.agraharam@gmail.com

Vipin Sirigiri
Ph: +91 8105297995
Email: dimppps@gmail.com

This is our team Shiksha Ki Ore. We are approximately 20 volunteers. We give evening tutions to Natbasti kids. 3-4 volunteers go daily. One volunteer needs to go twice in a week. We had our morning visits too, but since now all kids are regular to school, we just go once in week and check if the same is happening today. It's very glad to know that kids are reaching there where we want to see them always.